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SkinCeuticals Hydra Balm (50 ml)

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SkinCeuticals HYDRA BALM is a potent, multi-functional balm specifically formulated to target severe dryness and sensitivity. Infused with soothing botanicals like aloe vera and squalene, it locks in moisture, providing instant relief and long-lasting hydration. Ideal for dry, distressed skin, it creates a protective barrier, leaving the complexion soft, supple, and revitalized.

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Introducing SkinCeuticals HYDRA BALM, the ultimate solution for parched, sensitive skin in need of intensive hydration and soothing relief. Crafted with meticulous care, this multi-functional balm is a powerhouse formula targeting severe dryness and sensitivity, offering a comprehensive approach to skin nourishment and comfort.

Formulated with a blend of advanced ingredients, HYDRA BALM is uniquely designed to lock in moisture, providing long-lasting hydration to help replenish and restore the skin's natural moisture barrier. Infused with potent botanical extracts, including aloe vera and squalene, renowned for their soothing properties, this transformative balm delivers instant relief to even the most distressed and uncomfortable skin.

With its rich and emollient texture, HYDRA BALM envelops the skin in a cocoon of nourishment, instantly alleviating dryness, tightness, and discomfort. Its intensive moisturizing properties penetrate deep into the skin, promoting optimal hydration levels and leaving the complexion supple, soft, and revitalized.

Beyond its hydrating prowess, HYDRA BALM serves as an ideal moisturizer for dry skin, offering a protective shield against environmental aggressors and external irritants. This comprehensive dry skin treatment not only addresses existing concerns but also helps to prevent future moisture loss, promoting a healthier, more resilient complexion over time.

Experience the soothing and replenishing benefits of SkinCeuticals HYDRA BALM—a skincare essential for anyone seeking relief from severe dryness and sensitivity. Transform your skincare routine and rediscover the comfort of beautifully hydrated, nourished skin with every application.

More Information
  • Proven emollients deeply hydrate skin
  • Provides an occlusive barrier over vulnerable skin
  • Helps to heal and soothe skin, providing relief to dry and itchy skin
  • Ideal for post-procedure and very dry skin


Skin Type Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin
Size 1.7 fl oz
Brand SkinCeuticals
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Apply liberally as needed to severely dry or compromised areas on face and body. For a targeted dry skin treatment, apply a light coating in the evening to hands or feet; cover hands with gloves or feet with socks and leave overnight.

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