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Silagen Arnica - Bromelain Complex (28 ct)

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 Silagen Arnica-Bromelain Complex: Accelerate healing from surgery to fillers. Our unique blend minimizes bruising, swelling, and pain. Clinically proven, packed with arnica, bromelain, and more. Take 2 tablets twice daily for 7 days. Swift recovery, backed by science.

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Introducing Silagen Arnica-Bromelain Complex, your trusted companion in accelerating the healing journey from surgical procedures to filler injections. Our unique formula is meticulously crafted to enhance recovery by minimizing bruising, swelling, and pain associated with soft tissue injuries.

Packed with high-potency arnica and bromelain, this oral supplement goes beyond the basics. It features a powerhouse blend of organic fruit extracts, vitamin C, grapeseed extract, rutin, citrus bioflavonoids, diosmin, and hesperidin. This synergistic combination of natural ingredients provides comprehensive nutritional support for your body's healing processes.

Designed for post-surgical and filler injection treatments, Silagen Arnica-Bromelain Complex is clinically proven to expedite the healing process. Our commitment to quality is evident in every tablet, ensuring you receive the best care for a swift recovery.

To reap the full benefits, take 2 tablets twice daily for 7 days or until bruising resolves. For proactive care, you can start the regimen 2 days before your procedure to help prevent bruising.

Choose Silagen Arnica-Bromelain Complex for a faster, smoother recovery – because your well-being is our priority. Experience the power of nature in healing, backed by science.
More Information
  • High potency vitamin C, helps increase collagen production, enhances immune system, works as an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory.
  • High potency zinc, an essential trace mineral promotes wound healing and benefits immune system.
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Cruelty-free
Skin Type Body Areas
Size 14 tablets
Brand Silagen
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Take 1 tablet twice daily for 7 days or until bruising resolves. May begin 2 days before procedure to help prevent bruising.

Arnica Montana 1000 mg, Bromelain 500 mg, Zinc 15 mg, Vitamin C 240 mg, Grapeseed Extract 200 mg, Rutin 100 mg, Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 50 mg, Diosmin 450 mg, Hespeidin Methyl Chalcone 50 mg