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Nutrafol HairBiotic MD (3 Month Supply)

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Transform hair health with Nutrafol HairBiotic MD, a physician-formulated probiotic supplement. Enhance your gut microbiome to target pathways linked to optimal hair growth. Complements Nutrafol's hair growth nutraceuticals for a holistic approach to hair thinning. Utilizes 10 clinically tested probiotic strains. Ideal for adults with hair thinning, nutrient deficiencies, or digestive concerns. Thrive with healthier hair from within.

Authorized Physician Reseller
Boost your hair health from within with Nutrafol HairBiotic MD, a physician-formulated probiotic supplement designed to diversify your gut microbiome, a crucial player in optimal hair growth. This powerful supplement targets gut-related pathways linked to hair health and acts as a complementary addition to Nutrafol's hair growth nutraceuticals for a multi-pronged approach to hair thinning.

Poor gut health can negatively affect nutrient absorption, disrupt your immune system, and cause stress and inflammation, all of which can adversely impact hair growth. By improving the gut microbiome, Nutrafol HairBiotic MD sets the stage for healthier, fuller hair.

Key Features:

Gut Health Optimizer: Specific strains in HairBiotic MD aim to diversify the microbiome, focusing on gut-related pathways that impact hair health.

Complements Hair Growth Nutraceuticals: For an optimized, comprehensive approach to hair thinning, pair this supplement with Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals.

Clinically Tested Probiotic Strains: HairBiotic MD utilizes 10 clinically tested probiotic strains to enhance the gut microbiome for healthier hair.

Indicated For Various Conditions: Ideal for adults experiencing hair thinning, nutrient deficiencies contributing to hair thinning, and those who have taken antibiotics or have digestive or skin complaints coupled with hair thinning.

Take control of your hair health with Nutrafol HairBiotic MD. It's your proactive supplement for a healthier gut and hair that thrives.
More Information
  • Improve hair quality
  • Repopulate the good stuff
  • Protected potency
  • Boost hair’s defenses


Skin Type N/A
Size 3 Bottles
Brand Nutrafol
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Daily dosage: 1 capsule

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