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MD Skin Essentials Crush It (50 g)

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 Elevate your skincare with MD Skin Essentials Crush It. This advanced formula tackles breakouts, cleans pores, and stimulates collagen, leaving skin with a matte finish. Experience reduced breakouts and unveil a radiant, blemish-free complexion. Make Crush It your go-to solution for clearer, healthier skin.

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Experience the next level of skincare with Crush It, a revolutionary solution that employs an advanced delivery system for unparalleled effectiveness. This dynamic formula combines time-released Salicylic acid with a specialized retinoid (HAR), creating a powerhouse duo designed to target and reduce various types of breakouts, from whiteheads and blackheads to stubborn cystic acne.

Crush It goes beyond typical acne treatments by not only cleaning pores but also combating blemish-causing bacteria and excess oil. The result is a matte finish that lasts, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. The innovative formula doesn't stop there—it actively stimulates collagen production, promoting skin elasticity and a smoother texture.

Additionally, Crush It plays a crucial role in reducing inflammation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, addressing not only current breakouts but also the aftermath. The time-released delivery ensures a sustained and gentle treatment, making it suitable for all skin types.

Transform your skincare routine with Crush It and unveil clearer, healthier skin. Embrace the power of advanced ingredients working harmoniously to bring about a positive change in your complexion. Make Crush It your go-to solution for a matte finish, reduced breakouts, and a radiant, blemish-free complexion.
More Information
  • A less drying alternative for patients with more sensitive skin
  • Improves skin texture by increasing the rate of exfoliation
  • Reduces the production of oil to minimize breakouts
  • Inhibits the production of melanin to reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Contains salicylic acid and hydroxyanasatil retinoate, both of which provide antibacterial properties
Skin Type Acneic Skin, Combination Skin, Oily Skin
Size 1.75 fl oz / 50 g
Brand MD Skin Essentials
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Use as directed by your clinician.

Aids exfoliation by weakening the links between cells in the outer layer of dead skin, allowing the
normal shedding process to occur at a more optimum rate. By helping new cells surface, it improves
skin texture, unclogs pores, enhances penetration (and therefore effectiveness) of ingredients such
as vitamin C.
An ester of isotretinoin, HAR offers all the benefits of retinoic acid while providing both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, therefore fulfilling the role of multiple anti-acne ingredients combined. This unique retinoid kills acne bacteria cells, inhibits melanin production, stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin to reduce signs of aging, and is ideal for patients experiencing PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.)