Oily skin can be very frustrating. It’s linked to clogged pores, acne, and other skin health concerns, so it’s important to manage oily skin. Skin becomes oily when the body produces too much sebum. This is the natural substance that keeps skin hydrated, but when excess sebum is produced, skin can look and feel oily or greasy. In this blog, our trusted dermatology team provides a recommended skincare routine and the top skincare products for oily skin.

Your Daily Oil Reducing Skincare Routine

In order to manage oily skin, you need to develop and maintain a consistent morning and evening skincare routine. Below, we’ve outlined a dermatologist-recommended routine for oily skin.

Morning Regimen

  • Keep skin clean – Use a gentle cleanser that deep cleans without stripping moisture. If you struggle with acne or blemishes related to oily skin, you may want to consider a cleanser with salicylic acid.
  • Balance skin – Toner is an often-skipped skincare step, but this product is essential for oily skin. It deep cleans into pores removing residue and oily buildup and it balances pH to reduce skin inflammation.
  • Remove dead skin cells – Use an exfoliant at least a few days a week to remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores when these dead skin cells become stuck in the skin’s oils.
  • Prevent skin damage – Apply a vitamin C serum to prevent damage from the sun, pollutants, or other environmental irritants.
  • Hydrate skin – People with oily skin often think they don’t need to moisturize because their skin is already oily. However, the skin produces more oil if it’s not hydrated, so make sure to apply a good moisturizer every morning.
  • Protect against sun damage – Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day to any part of the body that will be exposed to sunlight.

Evening Regimen

  • Keep skin clean – Thoroughly remove cosmetics using a makeup remover first. Then, carefully wash your skin with your gentle cleanser.
  • Balance skin – You should apply the same toner at night to remove oil buildup.
  • Remove dead skin cells – At nighttime, use a retinol to remove dead skin cells and reduce oiliness.
  • Hydrate skin – Apply a light moisturizer to soothe skin overnight.

Use the Right Products

In addition to a consistent skincare routine, you also need to incorporate the right products into your daily regimen. Below, we discuss some of our favorite skincare brands for oily skin and their best products to manage oiliness and keep skin healthy.

MD Skin Essentials Oil Eliminating Routine

MD Skin Essentials was developed by trusted dermatologists to provide patients with high-quality skincare products that are meticulously formulated to address a wide range of needs, including oily skin. Each product is carefully studied to ensure the desired results are met. These quality products are dermatologist-recommended for oily skin:

Revision Skincare for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Revision Skincare is committed to developing innovative products that exceed expectations and keep skin healthier. The dermatologists and researchers behind Revision Skincare are dedicated to rigorous clinical testing, leading to science-backed products that deliver beautiful, healthy skin. Whether you’re looking to manage a chronic skin condition or slow the development of fine lines and wrinkles, Revision Skincare products have you covered. Below are some of the top Revision Skincare products for oily skin:

EltaMD Dissolve Oil Gently

For more than 30 years, EltaMD has been one of the most recommended skincare product lines by dermatologists. In fact, more dermatologists report using EltaMD skincare products than any other skincare line. EltaMD skincare products address just about any skin health concern, and they’re made from gentle ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin. Explore their top products for oily skin below:

SkinCeuticals Oil Neutralizing Skincare

SkinCeuticals is known in the skincare industry for its advanced formulas. Through years of clinical skin cancer research, the SkinCeuticals team used the science of skin cancer treatment to develop groundbreaking antioxidants to prevent damage from the sun, pollution, and other environmental aggressors. The SkinCeuticals product line has the mission to improve skin health by correcting the signs of aging, preventing future skin damage, and keeping skin healthy. Boost your skincare routine with some of the SkinCeuticals products below that are formulated for oily skin:

ZO Skin Health - The Gold Standard in Oil-Fighting Skincare

ZO Skin Health was founded by world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi who is an author and researcher dedicated to helping people improve their skin health and appearance. Utilizing innovative skincare technologies and high-quality ingredients, ZO Skin Health works to keep skin healthy using a structured three-step approach. First, products are designed to get skin ready. This first step includes cleansers, exfoliants, and toners. The second step is prevention and correction. This step addresses skin health concerns, like oiliness, with proprietary treatments, serums, and hydration products. Finally, the protective step includes scientifically superior sunscreen formulations. Explore some of the top recommended ZO Skin Health products for oily skin below:

Tips for the Perfect Skincare Routine & More

Many people don’t look forward to their daily skincare routine, or they’re frustrated that skin health never seems to improve. If you’re dealing with oily skin, the right products can make all the difference. Some of the oil-fighting skincare products in this blog may be perfect for you, but everyone is different. You should consult with a dermatologist for personalized skincare recommendations. If you’re interested in learning more about products to fit any skincare needs or goals, come back to our blog regularly for more recommendations from our trusted dermatologists.