It may seem like we’re getting started early, but the holidays are truly just around the corner, and they’ll be here before you know it. For many, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Many people look forward to them year-round. However, others find the holidays to be something they dread. Gift-giving is often listed as the number one stressor during the holidays, but it really doesn’t have to be. At Derm Skincare, we have a curated list of skincare products hand-selected by experienced dermatologists who know a thing or two about delivering healthy, beautiful skin. Whether you have a skincare enthusiast, beginner, or loved one who’s dedicated to their daily routine, we have high-quality skincare products that will leave them looking and feeling radiant. In this blog, you can explore our dermatologist-approved skincare gift-giving guides. Remember, we all have to care for our skin, but the right skincare products can make this task infinitely more enjoyable.

Gifts for the Budget-Conscious

If you’re looking to stretch your holiday budget this year, there are still some great, high-quality skincare products that anyone would love to see in their gift bag. Our under $50 gift guide showcases some of our most beloved skincare products, including:

Luxury Skincare without the Luxury Price Tag

If you’re looking to spend a little more on luxury, but you still don’t want to break the bank, our dermatologist-recommended gifts under $100 may be just what you need. Every gift in this guide comes highly recommended by our knowledgeable dermatologists, but some of the best sellers include:

  • ISDIN Mineral Brush – Everyone should be applying sunscreen daily, but one of the biggest complaints dermatologists hear about sunscreen application is that it interferes with cosmetics, leaves skin feeling cakey and oily all day, or it’s difficult to reapply. The ISDIN Mineral Brush takes the unnecessary stress out of daily sunscreen application and reapplication. This easy-to-use brush-on sun protection product can be applied before or after cosmetics. Then, toss it in your bag for quick and easy reapplication throughout the day.
  • SkinBetter Science Rejuvenate Smoothing Experience Kit – For those who have aging, acneic, or dry skin, this kit smooths the texture of the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, clears acne breakouts, and promotes skin cell turnover.
  • ALASTIN Skincare Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer with TriHex Technology – Developed to promote skin healing and rejuvenation following dermatologic procedures, this deep moisturizing skincare product works wonders for any skin type, but it’s especially beneficial for those who have sensitive skin, eczema, and other skin health concerns.

Bundled Beauties: Skincare Sets for Comprehensive Care

If you want to help your loved one jumpstart their skincare routine, consider adding one of our gift bundles to your basket. Each of our skincare sets includes top sellers from specific brands, and they make it easier to improve or start an effective skincare routine. You really can’t go wrong with one of our gift bundles, but a few of our dermatologist-favorite holiday skincare gifts include:

  • MD Skin Essentials Core 4 – This kit contains the daytime vitamin C serum MD Skin Essentials Fortify that prevents sun damage, the MD Skin Essentials HylaCream a mousse-like moisturizer that leaves skin feeling silky, MD Skin Essential Energize a gentle retinol formula with soothing hyaluronic acid and sea whip extract, and MD Skin Essential Silk Shield an effective daily sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB sun damage as well as blue light photoaging.
  • Revision Skincare Power Trio – For those looking to turn back the clock or slow the aging process, this trio of products is packed with beneficial skincare ingredients. The Revision Skincare Correcting C+ Complex not only protects against free radical damage from sun exposure, but it also brightens and rejuvenates the skin. The Revision Skincare Nectifirm Advanced smooths and firms skin on the neck and decolletage where signs of aging are often most apparent. Finally, the Revision Skincare Intellishade Original is a 5-in-1 anti-aging product. It’s a tinted moisturizer, broad-spectrum sunscreen, correcting cream, concealer, and brightener.
  • SkinBetter Science A-Team Duo Original + Free Trial Size AlphaRet & Alto – There’s nothing worse than creating the perfect daily skincare routine that you can’t easily take along when you travel. This bundle includes two of our most loved SkinBetter Science products in both full and travel sizes. That way you can take your skincare routine wherever you go. The AlphaRet Overnight Cream combines retinol with alpha hydroxy acid to provide the benefits of retinol without the irritation and discomfort that many experience after treatment. The Alto Defense Serum is a potent antioxidant blend that protects against sun damage, pollutants, and other environmental aggressors.

The Gift of Choice: Derm Skincare Gift Cards

Not sure where to begin choosing high-quality skincare products for your loved ones? Give them the gift of choice. A Derm Skincare gift card allows your loved ones to find the right skincare products to meet their needs. They can work with a dermatologist to select products that are geared toward helping them achieve their specific goals, and they may just find a new favorite way to pamper their skin. In addition to giving your loved ones the flexibility to choose what they want and need for their skincare routine, a gift card also makes it easy for gift-givers. No need to haul around bags or ship products out to your family and friends. Instead, you can quickly and easily send an e-gift card to your loved one. Choose the dollar amount, enter a valid email address, and select your delivery date. It’s truly that easy.

Skincare Gifting Tips

Our dermatologists have recommended some of our most well-loved skincare products, but every person’s skincare needs are different. Before you choose a product to gift your loved one this holiday season, consider the following:

  • Skin type – Dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin all have unique needs. We have products available that are dermatologist-recommended to keep skin healthy for each of these unique skin types.
  • Age – As we age, skin becomes thinner, loses elasticity, and can be more easily damaged not to mention developing cosmetic concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Finding the right skincare products for daily use is important, and introducing products that fight signs of aging can be extremely beneficial.
  • Skin health concerns – Those with acne, rosacea, and other chronic skin health concerns need specialized skincare products. While it may seem difficult to buy for these loved ones, it can actually be easier to find products designed to meet their skincare needs. Plus, many people with these skin conditions need to invest a significant amount of money into skincare products and treatments, so they may appreciate having high-quality options gifted to them.
  • Skincare goals – If a person is looking to smooth skin texture, reduce redness, or brighten skin, there is a skincare product out there to help them achieve that goal. Talk to your loved one about any specific goals they have in mind.

Give the Gift of Healthy, Beautiful Skin

For many, gift-giving can be an added stressor that takes away from enjoying the season. If you’re struggling to find the right gift for someone in your life, consider giving the gift of healthy, beautiful skin. We all have to care for our skin, and the right product can make that more enjoyable. Plus, your loved one will think of you as they care for their skin each day.

Explore Our Skincare Gift Guides

Not sure which skincare gift is perfect for your loved one? Explore our curated gift guides or reach out to our skincare experts for personalized advice! If you have someone in your life who wants to improve their skin health, is just getting into skincare, or who loves high-quality skincare products, Derm Skincare has a gift that will make them smile. Don’t forget to encourage them to explore the Derm Skincare site for new products and blogs with helpful skincare advice and product recommendations from our trusted team of dermatologists.