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Morpheus 8
Morpheus 8Morpheus 8Morpheus 8Morpheus 8


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The following treatment options are available for purchase:

  • (3) Full Face Treatments $2,000 (Reg. $2,500)
  • (3) Lower Face Treatments $1,440 (Reg. $1,800)
  • (3) Lower Face & Neck Treatments $1,760 (Reg. $2,200)
  • (3) Face & Neck Treatments $2,720 (Reg. $3,400)
  • (3) Neck Treatments $1,440 (Reg. $1,800)
  • (3) Arms Treatments $2,880 (Reg. $3,600)
  • (3) Abdomen Treatments $2,880 (Reg. $3,600)
  • (3) Buttocks Treatments $2,880 (Reg. $3,600)
  • (3) Thighs Treatments $2,880 (Reg. $3,600)
  • (3) Knees Treatments $1,440 (Reg. $1,800)
  • (3) Eyes Treatments $720 (Reg. $900)

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Morpheus8 is a state-of-the-art technological device that uses deep fractional technology to perform subdermal remodeling of the skin and adipose (fat) tissue. Originally designed to improve “jowling” or double chin, the Morpheus8 device can also be used to tighten tissue and remove excess fat from the arms, bra line, and other areas. The skin tightening and fat removing results achieved using the Morpheus8 were previously possible only with advanced cosmetic surgery. Today, we can use this innovative radio frequency technology to achieve uniform, effective results and stimulate collagen production, improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin.

Morpheus8 can be used for all of the following treatment needs:

  • Reducing acne or acne scars
  • Smoothing skin texture
  • Correcting sun damage
  • Decreasing deep lines and creases
  • Tightening mild sagging or jowls
  • Shrinking enlarged pores
  • Treating stretch marks
  • Maintaining or extending the results of a facelift