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BBL Photofacial
BBL Photofacial


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The following treatment options are available for purchase:

  • (1) Face Treatment $320 (Reg. $400)
  • (5) Face Treatments $1,280 (Reg. $1,600)
  • (5) Face & Neck Treatments $1,760 (Reg. $2,200)
  • (5) Face, Neck & Chest Treatments $2,240 (Reg. $2,800)
  • (3) Neck Treatments $576 (Reg. $720)
  • (3) Chest Treatments $720 (Reg. $900)
  • (3) Hands Treatments $480 (Reg. $600)
  • (3) Arms Treatments $768 (Reg. $960)
  • (3) Legs Treatments $1,152 (Reg. $1,440)

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Broad Band Light Photofacial is the newest technology in IPL treatments (also called BBL for short). This revolutionary innovation uses advanced dual-lamp technology to correct homely skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and sun damage. The BBL Photofacial technology penetrates the top of the skin down through the layers deep beneath the surface, which cannot be reached by a topical product alone.

BBL Photofacials help restore the natural beauty of your skin by administering an intense pulsed light, which rejuvenates new skin cells by targeting p-acne bacteria on the surface and in the sebaceous glands.

Unwanted blood-vessels and redness caused by Rosacea can be treated by using BLL’s gentle heated light which targets the vascular network within the skin. Although there is no permanent cure for Rosacea, BBL can reduce the symptoms and help revive your skin, improving its color, clarity, texture and tone.

This gentle, noninvasive treatment can be used on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, backs of hands, or any other desired area. Typically, treatments start in series of three, with a three to four week waiting period between sessions. With each treatment, the intensive light will reach deeper levels of the skin to continue improving the highest pigmented areas. Yearly appointments will insure that your skin stays beautiful and luminous.